If you’re a professional, self employed, entrepreneur, farmer or rural professional, have you had changes in your personal life, your work life (employment), your business or farm or your health? If so, you definitely need to look into where about your policy is sitting at present.

If you  have not reviewed your life insurance policies for long time then you may be paying too much premium. We will review your policies to ensure that your policy and products are well suited to your needs, and you are not paying too much premium.

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Helped us to save thousands of dollars a year

We are carrying insurance for throughout our life. Still, it was always a challenge to understand it, until we met Smart Life Insurance, who not only helped us to save thousands of dollars a year but also educated us throughout the process. We realised how much extra money were going down the drain over those number of years.
We wish to thank Smart Life Insurance for their professional approach and excellent handling of our complex insurance in particular the savings we made over the last five years and also the offer of terms we got for Wayne in comparison to our previous insurance. We wish you best of luck and happy to recommend you any one.

– Sue & Wayne, Clayden

Worked hard to get me disability cover

Just a quick note of huge thank you to Smart Life Insurance for not only starting me on my insurance journey several years ago, but also to be there for me when a life changing trauma event happened in my life.
I was still carrying huge mortgage and business debt when it hits me not only that this incident put me off to work for almost a year. Tailored made insurance for my personal and business needs comes to my rescue to safeguard me and my business.
I commend Smart Life Insurance for their expert and vast knowledge of industry and painting a real picture in front of me. He worked hard to get me the disability cover because of the nature of my manual occupation. Thank you very much for your ongoing support.

– Graeme Kingstone, Putaruru

Helped me to get paid for my medical claim quickly

I wish to thank Smart Life Insurance for handling my medical claim quickly and professionally. You not only keep me fully informed during the process, but also talked to my doctor to understand my situation and explain to insurance company.

Your professionalism in helping me get paid was really appreciated.

– Buddy Ruha

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